Tessera Communications

Project Information

  • Project Title:Tessera Website
  • Client:Tessera Company LTD
  • status:Complete

TEΣΣERA is a Brand Strategy and Communication Agency that uses a multi-agency collaborative model to deliver creatively thought out touch-point solutions to client brands and businesses. We maintain the role of Lead Strategic Agency – just like a symphony conductor. Our primary duty is to unify the performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and shape the outcomes.

We designed a creative, interactive and eye-catching website to help them reach their target market easily.

The website has the following great features:

  1. Content management system.
  2. Contact form.
  3. Video/audio slide show.
  4. Interactive maps.
  5. Interactive pages( mobile-friendly browsing).
  6. Members-only password-protected pages.
  7. Search course option.
  8. Statistics.
  9. Virtual tour.
  10. Social media integration.