Fixed Price Projects

We have many years of experience with specification, planning, management, testing and commissioning of many types of solutions - and this allows us to offer the vast majority of projects for implementation in a fixed price model, as well as possibly to carry out subsequent operations from our ONSite model.

The development typically takes the form of a meeting or workshop, where we review the requirements and document this in scenarios. In other words, you do not have to prepare anything other than to reserve the time needed to answer questions and be ready to make the design and scale decisions for the specification.

Then we work with our well-proven agile development process, where you will receive partial deliveries for testing every two to four weeks (by appointment). This ensures that you are constantly in touch with the development, but also that you quickly get the opportunity to try the finished system on your own screen so that any ambiguities are resolved continuously.

We can offer a full-time delivery at a fixed price, as a component supplier or supplier of selected functionalities, as well as combining estimates and items at a fixed price.