Managed Offsite

Whatever type and size of the project you are planning, we can ask the right team to implement it on your own terms.

With iSys, you have from start to finish a single point of contact in the form of a project manager who basically has your permanent address at which all coordination and all clarifications are carried out.

In other words, you should not relate to anything other than your organization's needs - the project manager ensures you guess through the entire process of specification / clarification, estimation / planning, architecture / design and programming for testing and commissioning. The project manager is your guarantee that your organization or customers can use the solution.

We can bring the right specialists into the project if your solution spreads over several technologies or integrations. And we can subsequently support as well as make minor further development of your system - still with full focus on quality, price and flexibility.

Since we have extensive experience with this type of project, we can offer a price per. development time, which includes all project management from your address.

Contact us to learn more about your options for completing your next project.