Specialized Recruitment

Whether we make general recruitment of developers for our own system development or a specialized team, we use the same recruitment model to ensure a precise choice of the most skilled resources.

We are based on a defined profile, whether it has technical keywords or personality.

We basically demand that all iSys employees have completed a minimum education level at bachelor level, with a top 10% result.

The first interview is based on the person, his experiences and ambitions, education and strengths / weaknesses.
If the person seems strong, the selection process does not stop here - we often encounter people with very good communication skills, but rather close experience or specialization.

Therefore, we test the person in a real life situation - ie. For technical resources a small development case to be carried out on a preinstalled development machine. Only auxiliary equipment in addition to the PC is a cup of coffee or a soda.
We are therefore conducting a test directly in the development environment to be subsequently reproduced so that we can identify developers who can start running from day one - if you wish, you can get all tests submitted to the candidates so you can stand the technical assessment Of candidates.

Over the past 5 years, we have conducted hundreds of tests and have a comprehensive database of strong candidates so we can quickly complete a specific test in your environment by a candidate we already know - and quickly and efficiently select the right developer (S) for your project.