Engagement Models

A flexible development partner

Most people find that the need for resources fluctuates over time. Sometimes there are too few tasks, sometimes there are too many. Sometimes perfect - but how long? 

ISys is a flexible development partner that can put together a team for you in a combination of quality, price and flexibility and is a strong partner for both peak and fixed tasks.

Managed OFFsite- For development projects

A complete development team incl. A project manager who works from your address during the project period.

OFFsite - For daily operation

The solution where your developer (s) is stuck in our office with two annual working weeks from your company's address.

ONsite - Specialists in-house

You will get a specialist who is placed with you at your office for the agreed period - we handle all the practicalities.


We use our long and good experience in managing all types and sizes of projects to provide fixed prices for development projects.