About Us


ISys is a Danish company founded in 1999 and has offices in Copenhagen as well as in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since 2008, we have focused 100% on developing and operating our unique model to combine skilled programmers and experienced project management into a comprehensive delivery model on Danish terms.

We have chosen a very narrow range of programmers, all of which are among the most talented 10% because we have a firm belief in - and gradually also years of experience - the best 10% can compete globally, whether they come from Denmark, USA, India, Ukraine or Kenya.

The choice to cooperate with an IT as unconventional country as Kenya is because we can just attract and retain the most serious ones - those who can measure with the top of Danish developers.

In addition, we are proud to create good and long-term jobs in Africa. We offer the best programmers a career with working conditions in top, full health insurance (also for spouses), technical challenges, brand new equipment, international experience and the highest pay locally.- All without asking our customers to take into account anything other than the "hard" arguments like price, quality and flexibility.

5 good reasons to choose iSys: 

  • We only work with the most talented programmers - you participate in the selection of candidates
  • We place an experienced Danish Development Manager in your organization on regular days every week to manage the development process
  • We know that good communication is the key to success in the management of development teams - especially when they are physically separate from the business. We have built-in eight travelers as standard. Blue. Will your developers work from your address in Denmark one week every six months
  • We usually see a 40-60% savings for a model where you do not need to relate to anything other than the Danish project manager who sits at a desk with you before you are ready to take over the process yourself.

Choose iSys because we offer a total concept for software development in and for your organization - with benefits and savings in both the short and long term.