Working with iSys

A flexible technology partner

For Our Clients

Investing in the appropriate technology for your business is a decision you can make but be sure you understand the system design and development process so that you are one step ahead and know what to expect from your agency. When you meet new people, the first thing they do is go online to look at your website and find out more about you and your business. If your site is outdated and not mobile-friendly, chances are you’ve lost a potential new client! The successful process will depend on a number of factors  but with regular communication regarding feedback and approval stages, clear deliverables are jointly determined and executed.

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The Development Process

Working with iSys

We work with a well-proven, fixed iterative development model. The methodology is inspired by the SCRUM development model and allows for frequent sub-deliveries of the complete solution, allowing you to keep track of developments continuously from a utility perspective.

With this model, we focus heavily on budgeting, schedules, priorities and quality in deliveries.

This means that the recipient organization is constantly part of the development process and can adjust wishes and requirements strategically, costs can be reviewed and projects are not over-running their timelines - as changes and adjustments can be implemented on a regular basis. We have many years of experience in managing both the development and the specification process, including striking an appropriate level of detail, so that neither over- or under-specified.

Specialized Recruitment

Recruitment of Programmers/Designers

Whether we make general recruitment of developers for our own system development or a specialized team, we use the same recruitment model to ensure a precise choice of the most skilled resources.

At iSys Software, we  demand that all iSys employees have completed a minimum education level at bachelor level, with a top 10% result.

Step 1 – Interview

The first interview is based on the person, his experiences and ambitions, education and strengths / weaknesses.

Step 2 – Practical Test

The test is set in a real life situation – ie. For technical resources a small development case to be carried out on a preinstalled development machine.  This ensures that we are conducting a test in the development environment to be subsequently reproduced so that we can identify developers who can start running from day one.

Over the past 5 years, we have conducted hundreds of tests and have a comprehensive database of strong candidates so we can quickly complete a specific test in your environment by a candidate we already know – and quickly and efficiently select the right developer(s) for your project.