Transport Planning & RTPI

iSys has a full suite of products for real-time management and information in passenger transport. Our platform provides both an operating center with the opportunity for detailed overview and monitoring of operations, as well as giving passengers as well as relevant automatically generated information that is both precise and relevant.

Transport Planning & RTPI


  • Fully GPS based location system
  • Statistics based forecasting, parameter-controlled on day types, speeds, peak times, etc.
  • Advanced statistics engine that daily includes all completed runs: continuous improved precision in forecasting
  • Automatic forecasting on rush hours, weekend runs, trail tracks and special events
  • Constant and accurate estimation of delays and expected arrival times in thin clients
  • Presentation of passengers in real time
  • Real-time operating center monitoring
  • Full operation center management of scheduling allocation, with graphical user interface
  • Real-time update of operating center monitoring – in an overall graphical overview
  • Export of real-time to external partners (travel plan, BaneDanmark)
  • Full message management and sending for viewing in some devices, routes, stations / stops or all, with integration to infotainment system
  • Fully integrated for update on the website or other external channels
  • Integral to any existing route planning and race definition systems, for a total operational development
  • Designed for mobile operation where there may be “dead zones" without internet connection on the routes
  • Possibility of 100% outsourced operating model, with full support and CPI-based operating reporting

Our solution informs annually about 6.5 million passengers a year with real-time information.

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